Eureka Moment #1 – NO MORE water spots on glass shower doors!

a clean house is a happy home!

What ended up being a EUREKA MOMENT started out as a quick down and dirty cover up to an ugly problem.  I have used Old English Lemon oil on my glass shower doors in the past after I had cleaned and dried them.  The idea was to inhibit water leaving spots on the glass.  However,  I had just returned home after being away for a month and my husband had been home alone for that time.  As you can guess he was not, is not and will never be the type that would wipe down the shower when he finished.  Why should he, it always clean, I guess he thought the shower fairy was doing a good job.  

Long story short, I had been home for about two days and still had not gotten around to cleaning them, but they were driving me crazy, they looked so bad.  So I whipped out my Old English lemon oil and gave them a good coat.  ​I figured I’d get to them in about another two days after I had laundered the stuff I had brought home, his stuff, did the food shopping and cleaned the house.  

And EUREKA!!!! When I went back to clean them, what to my wondering eyes did appear, but clean shower doors.  It appears the lemon oil dissolved the water spots on the glass and on the frames too!   Now I only had about a month’s worth of spotting on the doors, but still I wasn’t expecting them to be that clean.  My suggestion is if you have a water spotting problem whip out you lemon oil and coat everything that gets spots.  Only two thing can happen:   1.  The spots disappear; or  2. they don’t.  

If they disappeared your job is done, and I would suggest you  now add a bottle of lemon oil to the rest of your cleaning supplies under the bathroom sink.  If they didn’t disappear follow my instructions in my book The Lost Art of House Cleaning on cleaning shower doors.  After you get them clean they keep oiling them so you don’t have to do that job again.  Whew!!!  

Enjoy the Clean!

​Jan, the Head Rag Dragger